Brian S. Nelson

    NIH Fellow
    Terry Takahashi Lab
    Institute of Neuroscience
    1254 University of Oregon
    Eugene, OR 97403-1254
    home: (541) 510-4190

    bsnelson @


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   Research interests


  • Nelson BS and Takahashi TT (In press) Spatial hearing in echoic environments: The role of the envelope in owls. Neuron [PDF] Neuron
  • Nelson BS, Takahashi TT (2008) "Independence of echo-threshold and echo-delay in the barn owl" PLoS ONE 3(10): e3598. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0003598 [PDF]   PLoS ONE
  • Takahashi TT, Keller CH, Nelson BS, Spitzer MW, Bala ADS and Whitchurch EA (2008) Object localization in cluttered acoustical environments. Biological Cybernetics. 98:579-586 [PDF]   BC
  • Suthers RA, Beckers GJL, & Nelson BS (2006) "Vocal Mechanisms for Avian Communication" In: Behaviour and Neurodynamics for Auditory Communication (Ed. by Kanwal JS and G Ehret)   Cambridge press
  • Nelson BS, Beckers GJL, & Suthers RA (2005) "Vocal tract filtering and sound radiation in a songbird" Journal of Experimental Biology 208:297-308 [PDF]   JEB
  • Nelson BS & Suthers RA (2004) "Sound localization in a small passerine bird: discrimination of azimuth as a function of head orientation and sound frequency" Journal of Experimental Biology  207:4121-4133 [PDF]   JEB
  • Beckers GJL, Nelson BS, & Suthers RA (2004) "Vocal tract filtering by lingual articulation in a parrot" Current Biology  14:1592-1597  [PDF]   CB
  • Kolodziejski H, Nelson BS, & Smith TG (2004) "Sex and species differences in neuromodulatory input to a premotor nucleus: A comparative study of substance P and communication behavior in weakly electric fish" Journal of Neurobiology  [PDF]   JNB
  • Nelson BS (2004) "Dynamics of frequency and amplitude modulations in vocalizations produced by eastern towhees, Pipilo erythrophthalmus" Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 115:1333-1344 [PDF]   JASA
  • Nelson BS (2003) "Reliability of sound attenuation in Florida scrub habitat and behavioral implications" Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 113:2900-2910 [PDF]   JASA
  • Nelson BS (2002) "Duplex auditory distance assessment in a small passerine bird (Pipilo erythrophthalmus)" Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology 53:42-50   [PDF]   BES
  • Nelson BS(2000) "Avian dependence on sound pressure level as an auditory distance cue" Animal Behaviour 59:57-67  [PDF]   ABS
  • Nelson BS & Stoddard PK (1998) "Accuracy of auditory distance and azimuth perception by a passerine bird in natural habitat" Animal Behaviour 56:467-477  [PDF]   ABS
  • Woolfenden GE, Pranty B, Fitzpatrick, JW, & Nelson BS (1996) "Western wood-pewee recorded in highlands county, Florida" Florida Field Naturalist 24:62-67 [PDF]   FFN


  • Nelson BS & Takahashi TT (2010) ARO: Lag segment glimpsing hypothesis - owls [PDF]
  • Baxter CS, Nelson BS & Takahashi TT (2010) ARO: Envelope glimpsing hypothesis - owls / correlation level [PDF]
  • Masterson JD, Nelson BS & Takahashi TT (2010) ARO: Envelope glimpsing hypothesis - humans [PDF]
  • Masterson JD, Nelson BS & Takahashi TT (2009) ARO: Lead/lag segment glimpsing hypothesis - humans [PDF]
  • Nelson BS & Takahashi TT (2008) ARO: Envelope glimpsing hypothesis - owls [PDF]
  • Nelson BS & Takahashi TT (2008) ARO: Lead/lag segment glimpsing hypothesis - owls [PDF]
  • Nelson BS (2002) ABS: Duplex Distance in towhees [PDF]

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